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Tips for Better Baking: Rescuing Over-Whipped Cream (#37)

Tips for Better Baking - How to Rescue Over-Whipped Cream

I’ve made this mistake many times. I’m making whipped cream on a stand mixer and all is going well. The cream is still loose and far from the stiff peaks I desire so I step away and start something else. Of course, I get distracted and when I go back to my whipped cream, it’s over-whipped and has nearly turned into butter. Frustrated, I throw it all away and start over.

When making whipped cream with a mixer, the mixture can go from beautiful, fluffy peaks to an over-whipped grainy, curdled mess in a matter of seconds. But, after making this mistake a few times, I’ve learned that you can usually salvage it instead of having to toss it and start over.

Tip for Better Baking: To rescue over-whipped cream, add a tablespoon or two of liquid heavy cream to the mixture and lightly fold or whisk it in. Continue to add a tablespoon of cream at a time until the whipped cream is back to the desired consistency. 

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