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Tips for Better Baking – Week Four

Every day in January I am sharing my best Tips for Better Baking. These are tips that have made my kitchen life easier and helped me become a better baker. Follow along on Facebook or check back here each Sunday for a roundup of the week’s tips.

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Tips for Better Baking #19 – Give Pie Dough 1/8-turns for a Perfect Circle

I learned this trick when I took the ‘Baking Pies A Plenty’ Class at Zingerman’s Bake! in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  To roll pie dough out in a perfect circle, give the dough 1/8-turn after each pass with the rolling pin.  Most recipes say to give the dough a 1/4-turn which often leads to a oblong or more square shape.  With a little practice, the 1/8-turn works.

Tips for Better Baking - Learn how to become a better baker!  | The Hungry Traveler

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