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Tips for Better Baking – Cutting Apples (#32)

The Easiest Way to Cut Apples | Tips for Better Baking | The Hungry Traveler

Tips for Better Baking #32 – Cutting Apples

When you need to slice apples for pie or even for a snack, use this easy method.   If the recipe calls for the apples to be peeled, start by peeling the apple with a vegetable peeler or a paring knife.  Next, cut the apple into quarters by slicing on each side of the core.  Try to get as close to the center as possible without hitting the core. If you do get some core, just trim it out. Continue slicing, making four cuts total, until you’re left with only a neat block of core remaining.  Finally, slice the apple quarters into pieces of your desired thickness.  This method leaves very little fruit on the core and does not require the use of an apple peeler.  It’s easy and versatile.

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