Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

There are a few kitchen tasks that I absolutely dread doing: peeling and deveining shrimp, cutting brussels sprouts, trimming sugar snap peas, and peeling fava beans are a few that come to mind. Usually, it’s those menial, repetitive processes that take all day and bore you out of your mind.

But, there are also things that I look forward to cooking no matter how many times I’ve made them or how simple the task.  Chocolate covered strawberries fall in that category.

I love the process of melting the chocolate, dipping the berries, and then drizzling the strawberries with more melted chocolate or sometimes decorating them with sprinkles, crushed pretzels, or toasted nuts.  No matter what you do, they always look elegant and pretty.

Chocolate covered strawberries work for so many occasions – Valentine’s Day, dinner parties, a healthy dessert, cocktail hours, holiday parties – and I’ve even heard reports that chocolate covered strawberries work as an aphrodisiac.  Whatever your goal is, with a little bit of work, you get a big reward.

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